In partnership with the 46th Powell Street Festival and Formscape Arts Society, New Media Gallery and Anvil Theatre are very pleased to support the inaugural presentation of a new work by Studio Programsounds.

Kūsou/空相 is an audio-visual installation with multichannel video projection and sound spatialization. Primary visual and sound sources are 160 pieces of Japanese calligraphy and 665 phrases of Western flute. While Japanese calligraphy has historically functioned as a means of communicating it is equally considered a visual art form that can be appreciated without comprehension of Japanese writing or language. Through real-time computer graphics the pieces of calligraphy are represented as dynamic 3D objects on the screen and rendered spatially in the exhibit space as a continuously transforming visual scenery. Similarly the audible scenery consists of acoustic and electronically transformed flute sounds.

Exhibition Hours:
July 28, 29, Aug 2, 3: 3:00pm – 9:00pm
July 30, 31, Aug 1: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Free admission to the Exhibition

Japanese Calligraphy — Aiko Hatanaka
Flute Performance — Mark McGregor
Visual Program — Ryo Kanda (Kezzardrix)
Soundscape Design — Yota Kobayashi
Concept & Direction — Yota Kobayashi

Our co-presenting partner Formscape Arts Society is a non-profit arts society founded in Vancouver in 2022. It aims to connect Canada and Japan through collaborative artwork creation and presentation. Formscape exists as a creative hub for artists whose practices are rooted in Japanese culture and tradition and artists who pioneer in audio-visual and interactive technologies to produce interdisciplinary artworks together.

For full details on the making of this work and to view the Trailer:

The 46th Powell Street Festival runs from July 30-31

Event Details
Event Details